Learn-Golf-Etiquette-Play-Like-A-ProDemanding on the body and the mind both, golf is a sport that is best improved upon through practice. It takes time, effort and dedication to develop skills that might rival a pro. But, by following these tips for nutrition, fitness, stretching and concentration, you just might find yourself besting your competition by playing like a true pro!

If you want to play like a pro, you will need to maintain your body like an athlete. This calls for proper hydration and nutrition on and off the course.

Food and drink are essential for improving your abilities both on and off the course. The more you do to improve your overall health, the better able you will be to pull off the moves that make the pros stand out during play.

Although it’s true that the pros do have dieticians, trainers and sports doctors working by their side to help them maintain a competitive edge, you can do much of this on your own to help yourself play like a real pro! With a little dedication, you can enjoy the conditioning the best in the game enjoy.

There is more to golf than swinging a club at a ball. To maintain a high level of play, you must maintain your fitness level. With this in mind, a well-rounded exercise plan can increase your strength and conditioning.

How you hold your club can have as much impact on your play as how well conditioned you are. If you don’t have a basic hold down correctly, you won’t have the power and guidance necessary to play like a pro.

All the preparation in the world won’t improve your golf game if your swing is off. To play like a pro and get the score of your dreams, you have to hone your ability at actually connecting with the ball to make it go where you want it to.

Getting proper swing techniques down can take some time and practice. It’s not a bad idea to hit the range for routine practice as you work new swings into your routine. Practice does make perfect and it can help you play more like a pro!

Golf is an incredible game of man against ball. Whether you play against your own best score or you want to beat your friends and colleagues on the course, proper nutrition, exercise, preparation, stance, swings and concentration will all make a difference. To excel at this sport and learn to play like a pro, you need to bring all these pieces together into a total package. With practice and dedication, you can find yourself playing like a pro in no time at all!

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“Drive for show, putt for dough” is the lesson we’ve all seen and learned from watching professional golfers in every tournament and championship.

The masters of golf can drive a ball from here to eternity, but it all boils down to how many strikes of the ball it takes to put the ball in the hole. The long accurate drives don’t amount to anything if you’re unable to putt accurately.

Choosing a putter is important, but using whatever putter you have consistently is more so. I’ve had the same putter for fifteen years; I know what it feels like in my hand, I know its weight and how that plays into my putts.

Putting takes lots of practice. Typically, we drive the ball eighteen times in a game, but putt at least double that number. Doesn’t it stand that we should practice our putting at least twice as much as driving? If you can’t get to the practice green regularly, practice on your carpet at home.

Keep in mind that no ball can make it into the hole if it doesn’t have enough power behind the ball to get there. Take the time to get down and look at the path from your ball to the hole; does it slant one way or the other? Is it uphill or downhill?

Stand with your feet spread for balance and line up the putt. Keep you hands, arms and shoulders completely still; imagine that you are a “bobble head” but you move from just below your chest. Keep your head directly over the ball. Pull your club back; keep your hands, wrists, arms and shoulders steady-the movement comes from your chest. Hit the ball, following it with your club.

Learn from each putt and remember the lesson. Practice, practice, practice!

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We’ve all the seen the long accurate drives of Tiger Woods. The ball flies through the air and lands in the middle of the fairway, 300 yards away.

The green-eyed monster of envy consumes us as we wonder if we could ever hope to drive like that. Fortunately, long drives are not the be-all-end-all game of golf.

Enter the short game. Without good short game skills, all the long drives are for naught.

The short game is those shots that get us onto the green from about one hundred feet out, be it from the fairway, a bunker, the rough or a drop zone and includes chips, sand shots and pitches.

This is where your higher numbered clubs would be used, as well as your pitching iron, sand wedge or lob wedge.

Most golf courses have practice areas as well as a driving range. Spend some time working on hitting your ball onto the green from different distances. Aim for a ten-foot circle in the center of the green at first. Experiment using your wedges; what works for someone else, might not work for you and your particular swing.

After you get accustomed to doing this drill consistently, it’s time to spend some time in a sand trap. Knowing how to get the ball out of a trap will cut your score.

Plant your feet firmly into the sand, with your left foot turned toward the hole. Imagine a 4-inch circle around the ball and try to hit the edge of the circle that is away from the ball.

Take lots of sand with your ball and swing completely. Don’t decelerate at all when or after you hit the ball. It should pop up onto the green and stop. This doesn’t work unless the sand is very soft and powdery. On hard surfaces, you might need to avoid actually hitting the sand.

As in all aspects of the game, only practice will help you to improve.

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