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  • Golf Vacation At The Michigan
  • Combining Golf And The Internet Successfully
  • Hold The Caddy!
  • Get Everything You Need With Great Golf Packages

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  • ChoosingAGolfClub
  • GolfBagsForBeginnerGolfers
  • TipsForBuying AGolfCart (might be fun too)
  • GolfSwingTrainers


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understanding and enjoying golf

Buying golf accessories for beginners is part of your new found sport and should be fun.

Golf accessoriesGet a good pair of sunglasses.
Buying accessories can be fun. One of the more important accessories though would be a pair of sunglasses. This is because, when playing the game, you would be doing it out in the field, when the sun is shining bright. A good pair of sunglasses would provide your eyes the protection that it needs.

List down the accessories you need to bring.
If you are on your way to a golf course to play the game, it is best if you can bring all the necessary things you need. Thus, you should come up with a list of things you want to bring. The list should help you check on the things you need. However, make sure not to forget checking the list. With that, you should hang it somewhere you can easily see, such as at the door of your refrigerator.

Bring a bottle of water.
You should never forget bringing a bottle of water with you when you play golf. This is to ensure that you won’t get dehydrated. Getting exposed to the sun on a constant manner can get you dehydrated if you won’t drink water from time to time. In addition, getting too thirsty can become a hindrance in playing your game the right way.

Bring a good sunscreen.
Playing golf would often expose you to the glaring sun. Because of that, you want to make sure that you can also maintain the health of your skin, by using a good sunscreen. When you buy one though, choose something that can last long, so that you won’t have to reapply lots of time throughout the day.

If you are playing by yourself, or with people you have met for the first time, then it would not be a bad idea to listen to music. This is because good music can help you in calming your nerves. It is best though that you listen to it only while you are waiting for your turn, so that you would be able to focus at what you need to do, when it is time for you swing.

Buy golf training videos.
Before you go through golf training, it is best that you become more familiar about it. One of the things that you can do for it is to watch golf training videos. Record portions if these videos to your ipad/smart phone and you can quickly see the various steps or methods that beginners need in this sport. With that, you would already have an idea on what you are going to get yourself into.

And yes, free, inhale the fresh air.
When you play golf, take advantage of all the benefits that it can offer to you, such as the fresh air. Playing golf offers you not just a chance to breathe fresh air, but also get enough exercise by swinging as well as in walking. In other words, it can also promote better health. Enjoy the game, so that you would be able to improve your performance in no time.


Technology has changed almost every part of our lives. This is no less true with golf. There are many different advances that have allowed for golf to become more technological. There are many different areas where these advances have shone through particularly. Here I will outline some of the ways that you can enjoy the new technology of golf accessories, and how they have changed over the years. You may be surprised when you realize how many new abilities we have that the original creators of golf would never have dreamt of. Simply being able to traverse the courses in a golf cart is a huge leap forward, but it doesn’t stop there thanks to progressing technology.

The most major effect that technology has had on golf is definitely the manufacturing of golf clubs. Modern clubs are remarkable in the amount of detail that is put into them. The use of graphite is a relatively new thing, and graphite allows for higher quality clubs. They are generally lighter and more flexible, which is perfect for many players. It allows for a stronger swing since there is less weight trailing behind. The geometrical shape of the golf club head has also been changed vastly recently, with such precision being added that the golf clubs can create exactly the amount of force that the manufacturers want. Some golf clubs are designed to allow beginners to be able to make more accurate shots, while some require more skill just because of a slightly different curve in the head.

Golf is one of the few sports that require a very precise technique when playing. In order to hit the ball as best as possible, you will have to have a swing that almost perfectly reflects the professionals that you see playing on TV. However, it would be nearly impossible to achieve this on your own. This is where more technology comes into play. There are many different practicing mechanisms that will use advanced measuring technology to gauge how exactly you are currently swinging the club, and what you need to do to change your swing for the better. These items are very remarkable, and despite being great technological achievements they are also very helpful in becoming a better player.

There are several different kinds of small computers that can be carried along with golfers as they make their way around the course. This makes it easier for the golfer to record not only the score, but all sorts of other information about the game that will make more room for improvement later when he has more time to analyze the data. Technology only recently made these computers possible, allowing for small units, wireless connections, and interfaces that make it all possible. There are also machines that keep track of the scores and do all of the math automatically on the go. These computers are very useful, and almost do away with the need for a paper and pencil in order to keep score.

These are just a few of the ways that golf has been revolutionized by the modern computer world. There are many more examples, but for lack of space I must end this article here. Everything that I’ve mentioned is probably available at your local golf club store. If you are interested in taking advantage of some of the new technology that has improved golf games for the better, just look for some of the products that use it. Whether you are using a swing enhancing device or a miniature computer that allows you to track your data, you will almost certainly agree that the new technology makes it much easier for the game of golf to be played. As long as consumers are still here to enjoy all of the products, the manufacturers will surely rush to bring us more and more interesting and innovative products.