Perfecting Your Goilf SwingFor beginners, the goal is to develop the skills and techniques necessary to get on the game. But once you have been on the course for quite some time, your goals change. You like Perfecting your Golf Swing.

So knowledge and practice, they go hand-in-hand. But then again golf is not just about knowing how to swing a golf club. The force of your swing matters but if your accuracy is so bad that you end up playing out of the course for of the game, then that is something that needs to be worked on. There are five basic bodily motions that you want to learn in order to play golf. These motions pertain to the five parts of your body that you will often use when playing golf:

• Feet
• Legs and knees
• Hips and shoulders
• Arms
• Hands and wrists

Learn about those 5 motions and you be able the go for Perfecting your Golf Swing

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